Superior Angran

About Superior Angran

Superior-Angran began as a corporation in 1977. It was founded by Mr. Juan Angulo Álvarez and his son Mr. Juan Antonio Angulo.

Our Family

The history of the pest management industry in Puerto Rico ... is a family story. Few families are universally respected more unconditionally than the Angulo family. Juan Angulo Jr. was only 9 years old when he fled Cuba with his mother and his sister, pretending to be tourists, with $ 5 in his pocket.

After a temporary stay in Florida, the Angulo family moved to Puerto Rico in 1960, where Juan Sr. accepted a pesticide sales position for a local agricultural distribution company. He launched Superior-Angran from the family’s garage in 1972 and the rest, as they say, is history. Juan and his wife, Sylvia, followed in the footsteps of their mother and father, investing in the business and expanding the family legacy throughout the Caribbean, extending a hand to pest control businesses throughout the region. The Angulos appreciate the value of relationships and work especially hard to nurture their family relationships, both personal and professional. It is a legacy that continues to this day as the third generation of the family, Jacqueline Angulo, manages the day-to-day operations of the business.

Our Company

Superior-Angran is dedicated to the distribution of products and equipment for the Pest Control Industry in structures, public health, ornamental and lawns, golf courses, ornamental plant nurseries and agriculture. Superior-Angran directly represents multinational companies such as Bayer E.S., FMC, BASF and Syngenta, among others. The Company currently has 38 employees (6 of them agronomists) covering Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

We are dedicated to serving our clients and committed to bring to the market of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean the most advanced technology in products, application techniques and education. For more than 30 years, we have contributed on a large scale to training and professionalizing the Pest Control Industry in Puerto Rico, which is among the best in the world.

In addition, we serve the most sophisticated industries, such as pharmaceuticals and tourism; actively contributing to the development of the economy of our Island.

Our Vision

We are a passionate team always focusing and acting in bringing extraordinary solutions to our customers.

Our Mission

To stay at the forefront in the areas of product and equipment distribution for the Pest Control Industry in structural buildings, Turf & Ornamentals, Agriculture and Irrigation, allowing us to offer our clients the best quality in products, technical support and excellent service, while at the same time creating demand for the products of the manufacturers we represent.